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Heart Youth

Serving Young People by having fun, creating family and growing in faith.

Years 7-8

Heart Youth Co. YRS 7&8 is for those who are in school years 7 and 8. We meet every Sunday morning alongside our church service. When you arrive, head to our main service, where we meet in the youth section to worship together - just ask a host team member if you’re not sure where to go! The meeting leader will then let you know when to head out for our own programme, which happens during the talk.

Heart Youth YRS 7&8 are also invited to our Collective Nights which run every 2nd Friday of the month and 5th Friday streams, both nights happen at City Site.

Years 9-13

Our Heart Youth monthly programme is for anyone in school years 9-13 which is designed to help young people have fun, grow in faith and find community.

Collective happens every 2nd Friday of the month - a time for years 7-13’s to come together, have fun, build community and relationships. During the night we have social time, games, worship and a preach.

Cultivate happens every 3rd Friday of the month - a time for years 9-13’s to develop the foundations of their faith, cultivating a space to connect with God. During the night we have social time, games, stripped back worship and a preach.  

Counter Cultural happens every 4th Friday of the month - a time for years 9-13's to discover what it means in their faith journey to be, chosen, set apart and ultimately counter cultural. During the night we have social time, games, worship and practical preaches or Q&A’s.

Streams happen on the 5th Friday of the month - an exciting opportunity for years 7-13's to grow and develop in different areas and giftings.

Streams include:
Social Action

All our nights happen on Fridays, at 6:45pm at City Site.


Our aim is to create a space where everyone belongs. The way we do this is by breaking down into crews. Each crew is made up of 5-10 young people of a similar age. Each crew has 2 or 3 crew leaders who are there to support and look out for your young person. 

If you or your young person would like to join or find out more about crews then please fill in this form.

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