Welcome to Nottingham.
Welcome to your new home.

Here at Heart Church we are passionate about creating a home for every Student who finds themselves in Nottingham. We want to support you throughout your time in Nottingham - we are here for you every step of the way. We have a number of events that happen throughout the year which are tailored specifically to you as a student. We are so excited to welcome you into our Church family. 

Here are some of the ways that you can get involved. We care about you being a part of a community where you feel loved and valued.

Young Adult Hangs

Every Sunday we have a Young Adult Hang after our Sunday Service. We normally go for food or head to a park to spend time together. Head to the Atrium after the service and head to the Young Adult banner. All details will be posted on Instagram. We would love to see you there. If you are coming to Church for the first time please send us a message on Instagram and someone can meet you at the door. 

Life Groups

Life Groups are a great way to meet a smaller group of people, to be known and really feel part of the Heart Church family. Check out our Life Groups and find a group that you feel is best suited to you.

Student Lunches

At the start of every academic year we have Student Lunches. This is an opportunity to gather together with some of the team at Heart Church to eat and find out more about Heart Church. YOU ARE INVITED. For more information about the dates, location and details for Student Lunches please head to our Instagram.

Welcome Home - The Event

We have a gathering for students twice a year. Once at the start of the academic year and again in the new year. This is an opportunity to worship, hear a preach and have fun together. All details for this event will be shared through our Instagram