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Mark Ritchie

Psalm 23 - Week 4

Psalm 23:5


  • “You prepare a table before me”, there’s a sense that, atthis point in the Psalm, we’ve been on a journey, onethat’s been hard, but we’ve got this incredible host Jesus,who’s looking to host us.
  • The Lord will sustain us. How will we keep going? TheLord is going to help us.
  • The Lord will give you strength, there’s a feast for you.
  • David had experienced enemies many times and we haveenemies of our soul, that might look look likediscouragement, it might look like apathy or maybe fear.
  • God prepares a table for us in the middle of ourchallenges. It doesn’t eliminate the presence of ourenemies, but He is present in the midst of our enemies.
  • God doesn’t magic wand your problems away, butwonderfully the Bible says God has prepared goodnessfor us in front of all our enemies. They may not have gonebut God is providing for us all we need.
  • We can enjoy God's goodness even in the midst of ourenemies.
  • Maybe the challenging job is stretching but you can enjoythe presence of God in the stretch.
  • The anointing in our scripture refers to how guests wouldbe anointed by their host, a mark of hospitality. An ancientcustom, shown to esteemed guests. The richness of thehost’s goodness would be on their head.
  • In anointing us, God is saying you’ve got all my reserves,everything, I want to esteem you as my guest.
  • All of the resources of His house are yours. Peace, health,strength is yours.
  • My cup overflows, the blessing and goodness of Godflows out of me.


  1. What stood out to you from Sunday’s message?
  2. What does it mean for God to prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies?
  3. What could it mean for ‘your cup to overflow’? In your work, family or maybe another area of your life?
  4. What were you believing for when you were anointed?
  5. How are you going to apply this message to your life?


Why not take some time to share what God’sbeen speaking to you about? It may besomething from the Psalm 23 series or perhapsit’s a scripture or something else that God hasbeen speaking to you about.

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