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Social Action

Passionate about serving our community, tackling poverty, fighting injustice

Heart Week 2019 Review

An opportunity for us as Heart Church to get out and serve our city, practically demonstrating the love of God.


344 volunteer spaces filled! 
Over 1500 hours served!
717 people engaged!
19 events in 7 days!

House Renovations

Both families we helped with house decorations attended the picnic in the park event and both have connected really well with some of the volunteers who took part (who then helped them to attend the picnic, forming an ongoing relationship). One of the mums really wants to get her baby blessed at church and wants to start attending! The other mum has twin daughters who shared a cot until our house renovation project, now they have a cot each and a room totally transformed. This is creating atmospheres and environments that restore dignity, awaken the soul and speak to potential! Both families were overwhelmed with gratitude.

Sensory Garden

We made a sensory garden complete with lavender and mint and a beautiful water feature for a mum with a 25-year-old son who has severe autism. He often takes out his frustration in anger leading to property damage. Gardens are one of his favourite places and what an honour to create a space for him to be able to relax and feel safe. The mum sent us a video of him enjoying the garden when he saw it for the first time. What a joy!

Community Events

We held community days at two locations; Bestwood and St Ann's. By day 3 of the Bestwood Community events, we connected with an estimated 380 people across the three days. Just amazing!
One of the mums said, “no one ever does things like this here”. We are changing the narrative in housing estates in our city. A number of the families came to the picnic in the park event and we even had 7 sign-ups from some of the youth to attend The WKND, just incredible!

At the St Ann’s Family day we saw 140 or so guests. One of the mums from the house decorations also attended and hopefully will connect with Little Hearts moving forward as well.

Partner Meal

This was our third year running a partner meal as part of Heart Week. The heart behind this event is to say thank you to the staff of our outreach partners. Many of which rarely get thanked for the amazing work they do. We hosted the meal at our City site location and the guests were so thankful that we would take the time to put on an event for them, with delicious food and drink. We again think events like this express our heart as a church, to shower people with generosity and express the love of God with six-star service.  Pastor Malcolm came and encouraged the partners that the best is yet to come and that we are believing for Heart Week to grow in its impact and influence in this city.

One of the partner staff members was almost in tears and very emotional with how loved and valued they felt. Several others really commented too on how much they loved it, one guest commented how “Heart Church is a church whose walk really reflects their talk”.  This event really was 6* service in action and conveyed powerfully our belief in the value of honour.

Picnic In The Park

We estimate about 40 people came to the picnic at the back of Heart Week/Heart Nottingham invites which was brilliant. Two of the youth from Bestwood cycled all the way to Wollaton park! There was also one child from Bestwood who attended whose school teacher is part of our church. She commented on how in school he is a selective mute and doesn’t engage in the class very much. At our picnic, he picked up his bat and played rounders with 100 other people! We had 405 people at the picnic and it was a powerful afternoon! We had a number of the young carers from the young carers event attend too and it was so beautiful to see them sitting with volunteers and sharing food!

Thank You

Thank you to everyone that got involved and served so passionately. We have made a huge impact on our city through Heart Week 2019. We estimate over 700 people’s lives have been touched as a result, with over 334 people from Heart Church serving in some way. We believe many more testimonies are to come as the relationships established across Heart Week continue. Please continue to pray for these relationships and that those we engaged with across the 19 events would further experience the heart of God towards them as they reflect on their experiences.

We are so excited for Heart Week to continue to grow and develop. Maybe attracting other churches, businesses and schools to get involved as well. If you would like to get involved in Heart Week 2020, either by suggesting an event or by getting your business, school or employer involved, please do email us at [email protected]

And finally, HEART WEEK 2020 dates are already released, Monday 24th until Sunday 30th August 2020, get the dates in your diary now or sign up here for early interest.