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Social Action

Passionate about serving our community, tackling poverty, fighting injustice

As a church we are passionate about serving the city we love and helping to fight poverty and tackle injustice.

Heart Nottingham exists to outwork our ABC of WOW Paradigm in the context of those experiencing issues of poverty and injustice in our city and nation. Isaiah 61 states that we will rebuild the ancient ruins, restore the places long devastated and renew the ruined cities. This is what Heart Nottingham exists to do.

The key aim of our social action work is: 

To inspire and release a community of believers to influence a city on an unprecedented scale, bringing faith, hope and love to thousands of people each month through acts of sacrifice, service, generosity and hospitality. Inspired by our faith in Jesus Christ Heart Nottingham has a particular focus on supporting individuals and communities facing issues of disadvantage, isolation and poverty.

We believe that this is best done through partnership work rather than running a large number of projects ourselves. We believe that through a partnership based model we can help more people, at a lower cost whilst releasing a higher proportion of the congregation, all whilst being a bigger influence on the city. This is church beyond the walls!