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DAY 1: In The Fast Lane

DAY 1: In The Fast Lane

by Malcolm Baxter

As we heard last Sunday, it is important to have a focus as we fast and pray. Whilst there is an infinite number of things that we could pray about, these are the areas that I feel the Spirit of God leading us over these three days.

Worship - Warfare - Wait

I think to begin our days of prayer with worship is only appropriate because worship focuses us on Jesus. Over the Christmas period, I preached about the fact that Wise men worship and wise people still do. Worship is about being connected to our Source, in fact, the book of Isaiah helps us to understand it’s part of the reason we are on the planet!


Isaiah 43:21 (NIV) the people I formed for myself that they may proclaim my praise. Psalm 96:6 says, “come and kneel before the Creator God; come and bow before the mighty God, our Majestic Maker!” So on day one of our fast, we are not so much ASKING, but ADORING! There is a time to BESEECH, but for now we are BOWING DOWN! The Gospel of John teaches us that God is seeking for a particular kind of worshipper - one that worships in Spirit and in Truth! May God help us to set aside whatever distracts us, because it is wisdom to begin a new year with WORSHIP!

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  • Michelle:

    07 Jan 2020 05:00:41

    I thank God for my life

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